Dancing with Darkness: Sigenergy Unveils SigenStor, Your Power Play in Blackouts!

2 February 2024 by
Triple Solar Ltd.

When Storm Isha unleashed its chaos in Amsterdam, 68,000 households were plunged into a powerless abyss. Traffic lights played hide-and-seek, trams threw in the towel, and Sloterdijk took an unexpected siesta. In a world hooked on electricity and weather acting up, power security is the new superhero. 

Lights Out, Business Down: The Shocking Reality of Power Outages! 

Picture this: You're in the dark, 112 is playing hard to get, and your business is on a forced coffee break. Power outages are not just inconvenient; they're business bullies. Enter SigEnergy, armed with SigenStor– the superhero in this electrifying saga. 

SigEnergy Strikes Back: Introducing SigenStor, the 5-in-1 Energy Dynamo! 

Last year, SigEnergy dropped a game-changer in the Netherlands– SigenStor. It's not your average battery; it's a 5-in-1 energy storage system that moonlights as a PV integrator, energy storage maestro, and an EV (electric vehicle) charging virtuoso. 

Stacking Power, Scaling Dreams: SigenStor's Modular Might! 

SigenStor offers 5 kWh and 8 kWh batteries, but that's just the tip of the power pyramid. Stack up to 6 batteries for a staggering 48 kWh capacity! And for businesses with big dreams, connect 30 devices, boasting a jaw-dropping 1440 kWh potential. Lights on, power strong! 

Blink, and You're Still On: SigenStor's Blink-Quick Power Switch! 

When the lights go out, SigenStor goes superhero mode with a 0 ms switch to backup power. Traditional solutions take their sweet 2-3 seconds, shutting down appliances like it's a power outage party. 

EVs to the Rescue: SigenStor Turns Your Car into a Powerhouse! 

EV owners, rejoice! SigenStor turns your electric chariot into an energy lifeline with V2X-supported bi-directional charging. Emergency or not, your EV just became your power sidekick. 

AI: The Brainy Sidekick of SigenStor's Energy Adventure! 

SigenStor doesn't just save the day; it does it with flair, thanks to AI. Meet mySigen, the GPT-4 powered energy application. It's like having a personal energy guru that syncs with dynamic pricing, helping you bag the best deals. 

Saving Energy, Saving Money: SigenStor and AI Tag-Team! 

Dynamic pricing can be a maze, but SigenStor and AI are the dream team. With mySigen, you ride the waves of electricity rates, saving when prices dip, storing surplus, and even making energy deals with the grid


The SigenStor Success Chronicles: From €36 to Energy Maverick! 

One user paid a mere €36 for 600 kWh in a month. Yes, you read that right! SigenStor isn't just a game-changer; it's a budget magician. Homeowners and business moguls, take a bow. 

SigEnergy's Conquest Continues: Joining Forces with Grunasol and Voltixx! 

SigEnergy isn’t just a lone ranger; it's building an energy empire in the Benelux. Grunasol and Voltixx have joined the squad– reputable distributors ready to spread the SigenStor magic. In a world where blackouts are the villains, SigenStor is the hero we all need. Lights, camera, SigenStor– because the show must go on, even when the lights go off!

​In a world where blackouts are the villains, SigenStor is the hero we all need. Lights, camera, SigenStor – because the show must go on, even when the lights go off!!

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