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We are a leading Solar Distributor in the United Kingdom, dedicated to providing streamlined solutions for households, commercial enterprises and solar installers nationwide.

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A cleaner future for our planet

About Us

Triple Solar is a family run leading Solar Distributor in the UK with 14 years of experience, specialising in B2B transactions. We stand as the premier wholesale distributor of solar products in the UK providing streamlined solutions for households, commercial enterprises, and solar installers.

We stock industry leading, renowned brands that are both reliable and top quality at unbeatable prices. Our large variety of brands means we can make your big or small order as bespoke as you need it, we have what you need. From panels to inverters, batteries, mounting systems, cables, and connectors, we've got you covered.

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Embracing greener alternatives

Triple Solar Warehouse

Our warehouse has helped us to build on our success in the UK market. We have the industry's largest warehouse at 180,000 sqft, giving us the storage capacity to hold an extensive inventory for diverse business needs.

With our strategically located warehouse, Triple Solar has played a vital role in transforming the nation into a cleaner and more sustainable country, benefiting every region. We have also gained recognition as one of the top solar distribution service providers in the UK. 

Our Vision

  Create more opportunities for solar installers to grow their businesses

  Revolutionise business-to-business distribution

  Reduce carbon footprints and driving sustainability throughout the UK

  Expand into the European market and to installers worldwide

Our Mission

 Empower customers on their sustainability journey from beginning to end

  Deliver sustainable energy solutions by harnessing the power of digital intelligence

  Provide solutions to households across the UK

  Provide cutting-edge technology products and the latest innovative technology from renowned brands

Our Values

 Committed to excellence and customer satisfaction

  Enhancing our capabilities to serve customers with greater efficiency

  Continue to understand the transition to solar power and how it is a pivotal step towards creating a cleaner and greener future

The logo of Triple Solar features the letter "E," in Green Colour symbolising the environment and sustainability, converting sunlight into energy, and representing our commitment to provide sustainable solutions.

Commitment to excellence

What We Do

​As a one stop solution for all solar requirements, we offer a variety of Grid-tied, Off-grid and Hybrid solutions, giving you the opportunity to store excess energy in batteries, sell excess energy back to the utility grid and reduce your electricity bills.

Our range of panels and mountings mean you can find a solution whether your roof is tiled, sloped or flat. We can also accommodate for commercial roofs or if you’d prefer ground mounting. We have inverters and batteries suitable for indoor or outdoor storage.

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