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Triple Solar is a leading Solar Distributor in the United Kingdom, dedicated to providing streamlined solutions for households, commercial enterprises, and solar installers nationwide. Our mission is to empower customers on their sustainability journey from beginning to end.

​We offer a comprehensive range of products for solar installations, including PV panels, inverters, battery storage, mounting systems, cables, connectors, and other electrical components, all sourced from renowned solar companies. 

We understand that transitioning to solar power is a pivotal step towards creating a cleaner and greener future for our planet. Therefore, we are committed to reducing carbon footprints and driving sustainability throughout the United Kingdom.

UK's Recognized Wholesale Distributor

Established 20+ Years ago, Triple Solar has gained recognition as one of the top solar distribution service providers in the UK. 

Building on our success in the UK market, we are expanding into the European market to extend Triple Solar's solutions to solar installers worldwide.

Triple Solar Warehouse

With strategically located warehouses across the UK, Triple Solar has played a vital role in transforming the nation into a cleaner and more sustainable country, benefiting every region.

Fastest Growing Solar Products Distributor in the UK

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Our objective is to continue our mission and provide solutions to households across the UK. By harnessing the power of digital intelligence, we are revolutionizing business-to-business distribution and enhancing our capabilities to serve customers with greater efficiency.

The logo of Triple Solar features the letter "E," in Green Color symbolizing the environment and sustainability, converting sunlight into energy, and representing our commitment to provide sustainable solutions.

Delivering energy Solutions

Triple Solar strongly believes in delivering sustainable energy solutions to the solar industry. Through our environmentally friendly products, we empower customers to embrace greener alternatives. 

Additionally, we aim to create more opportunities for solar installers to grow their businesses, thereby making a significant difference for both ourselves and our planet.

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