The Future of Energy Storage with Sigenergy: Innovating technology for a Greener Tomorrow.

Who is Sigenergy and how have they managed such rapid growth in a competitive industry?
22 May 2024 by
The Future of Energy Storage with Sigenergy: Innovating technology for a Greener Tomorrow.
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Every now and again a product catches the interest of solar energy professionals. Anything new needs to be distinctive in order to stand out and gain market interest in the face of established, globally recognised leading brands. With one of the most cutting-edge all-in-one solutions, Sigenergy's SigenStor will enable users to achieve exceptional energy independence with safety and technology at the forefront. 

Founded in 2022 and headquartered in Shanghai, Sigenergy has emerged as a forward-thinking leader. They are dedicated to advancing home and commercial energy solutions. With a focus on energy storage systems, solar inverters, and EV chargers, Sigenergy integrates power electronics, digital technologies, and AI to develop next-generation energy products with a strong emphasis on safety. 

With a world-class R&D team comprising hundreds of industry experts and many graduates from leading universities around the world. Sigenergy is dedicated to creating a greener world through continuous innovation and investment in R&D. 

Core Values and Vision

Sigenergy is built on a foundation of five core values: Safe, Intelligent, Green, Efficient, and New (S.I.G.E.N). These values guide the company's mission to pioneer distributed energy solutions that combine comprehensive safety, simplicity, and exceptional performance. Their vision is clear and ambitious: to enable everyone to enjoy green energy and achieve energy independence. 

Tony Xu, Founder and CEO of Sigenergy, highlighted the transformative potential of SigenStor: “We stand at the cusp of a transformative era. Through our groundbreaking innovation, we’ve created a product that incorporates EV DC charging and cutting-edge AI technology, all aimed at driving down energy expenses, enabling energy independence, and setting new standards for customer satisfaction. Tony brings with him over 20 years of experience in the inverter industry and has headed one of the largest Inverter companies in the world. He also spent the last several years leading the AI team at this Multinational company. To ensure his vision of a futuristic inverter could be spread further afield he embraced the decision to form his own company that is based on the foundations of safety and technology. 

With over 500 employees, 70% of whom are engineers, Sigenergy operates globally with seven offices and activities in more than 30 countries. They have applied for over 200 patents, underscoring their commitment to innovation. Their production capabilities are impressive, with a battery production capacity of 6 GWh and a power production capacity of 12 GW.

Technological Excellence

Sigenergy's dedication to quality is evident in their strict quality control protocols, ensuring every product meets the highest standards. Their 20,000 square metre manufacturing centre is equipped with state-of-the-art technology and advanced manufacturing execution systems to streamline operations and enhance production efficiency. 

The company leverages several advanced technologies to maintain their competitive edge, including:

  • EV-grade laser cleaning

  • Latest AMB laser welding

  • Inverter vacuum potting

  • Automatic real-time smart manufacturing

  • High accuracy incoming quality control

Their commitment to sustainability is demonstrated by a 3,000 square metre rooftop PV plant, which helps reduce the company's carbon footprint while improving efficiency and lowering costs. 

Comprehensive Energy Solutions

At the forefront of Sigenergy’s innovation is the SigenStor, the world’s first 5-in-1 energy storage system. Unveiled at Solar & Storage Live 2023, SigenStor integrates a Battery PCS, Battery Pack, EV DC Charger, PV Inverter, and EMS into a single unit. Setting new standards in the industry, offering versatility and scalability, catering to various needs with simplicity and safety at its core.

The Sigenstor system is a 5-in-One Home Energy Solution. It starts with the
Sigen Energy Controller, which manages solar and energy storage systems. The system also includes the Sigen EV DC Charging module for fast, green EV charging and supports up to six stackable battery modules, offering an energy capacity range from 5 to 48 kWh. With self-guiding pin connectors between modules, the system allows for simple stacking without field wiring, significantly reducing installation time and effort.

Sigenergy provides four different configurations for the Sigenstor:

  1. Solar + Storage + Charging: Produce, store, charge, and use green energy flexibly.

  2. Solar + Storage: Generate, store, and use green energy for your home.

  3. Storage Only: Optimise utility bills by leveraging variable electricity prices.

  4. Backup / Off-grid: Ensure a reliable green energy supply even during power outages.

With self-guiding pin connectors between modules, the system allows for simple stacking without field wiring, significantly reducing installation time and effort. The mySigen App facilitates a quick and efficient setup process, auto-networking, and scanning to ensure all components are ready within less than 10 minutes. The system's smart features enable self-detection and self-evolution to optimise energy usage and savings. 

Sigenergy leads the way in AI innovation with the mySigen App, a self-developed application that offers users system visibility and interactive, AI-driven smart features. Powered by GPT-4, the app is adept at answering questions and troubleshooting issues. The mySigen App facilitates a quick and efficient setup process, auto-networking, and scanning to ensure all components are ready within less than 10 minutes. 

With compatibility across all major platforms, Sigenergy ensures a user-friendly experience, enabling effortless control and monitoring of your energy system. 

SigenStor for Commercial Use

In addition to residential solutions, Sigenergy provides flexible and modular commercial and industrial energy storage solutions. Their commercial energy storage systems are designed to be adaptable, fitting various sizes and needs, helping businesses lead more profitable and sustainable operations with reduced energy costs and more focus on growth.

The SigenStor supports both on-grid and off-grid applications and can DC-couple and AC-couple, seamlessly integrating with other inverters while maintaining full functionality. Multiple units can be connected in parallel, allowing businesses to configure their energy solutions based on specific requirements without paying for unnecessary battery capacity beyond their power demand.

Ensuring Safety with Testing and Certifications 

The battery energy storage system (BESS) market is experiencing rapid growth, notably within the residential sector. However, apprehensions regarding battery safety are a stumbling block, hindering wider acceptance and continued growth in the BESS market.

“Sigenergy, a new dynamic company for ESS set to redefine battery safety, is spearheading efforts to enhance safety standards and gain consumer confidence" responds Dr. Thomas Hillig.

Sigenergy prioritises safety with a 5-layer proactive safety protection in packs that rapidly cuts off energy input to block potential dangers. The SigenStor can switch to backup mode in 0 ms, ensuring a reliable and safe power supply for businesses.

The consistency-focused manufacturing process helps to prevent many overheating issues that could otherwise cause thermal runaway. Ensuring the highest safety standards is a cornerstone of their product development, particularly for their energy storage systems.

One of the critical aspects of their safety protocol is adherence to the IEC 62619 certification, which involves rigorous safety testing at the battery cell level. This certification includes numerous tests designed to ensure the safety and reliability of their battery cells.

In conclusion, Sigenergy's rapid growth in the competitive energy industry is a testament to their innovative and strategic approach, rigorous quality standards, and global collaborations. By providing intelligent, safe, and efficient energy solutions with SegenStor,  Sigenergy has set new standards for smart energy management. 

Their ability to provide a seamless, user-friendly experience has distinguished them in the market. Through continuous technological advancements and partnerships, Sigenergy is not only staying ahead in a competitive landscape but also driving the future of sustainable energy solutions. 

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